Point West Medical Office Building

The 223,000 square foot Kaiser Permanente facility services the central Sacramento area and includes a trio of three-story medical office building “pods” interconnected with seismic joints. The project is located in seismic zone 3. The lateral force-resisting system for medical offices is moment-resisting frames. Initially, the frames were intended to be designed using the UBC prescriptive requirements. Due to the observed damage to similarly designed frames after the Northridge earthquake, the team determined that the connections should be re-designed to satisfy the latest research. The moment frame beam-to-column connection used on this facility is the result of careful collaboration between Structural Engineers, peer reviewers, general contractor and fabricators. The beam flanges are connected to the columns with a stiffened seat below and a tee-shaped plate at the top. Both the seat and top tee were cut from the same structural section used for the columns, and was field weld to the beam. Economy in the structural framing was achieved overall through the repetitive use of a limited number of steel W sections. RAMsteel software was used to expedite the vertical load analysis.