Wyndham Medical Office Building

The Kaiser Permanente Wyndham Medical Office Building (MOB) was designed to be a satellite facility for the larger South Sacramento Medical Campus located to the north of the project site. The tight budget dictated that a concrete “tilt-up” technology would be used. The project is extremely legible with a centrally located entrance and a single corridor creating entry points on both the south and north of the building. In this way, the parking is divided between staff to the south and patients to the north. The main entrance is to the north and creates a visible dialogue with the medical campus across the street. The circulation spine is curved, and the two masses on either side of the spine are shifted to create a corner to the projecting entrance. Accented materials are juxtaposed against the concrete exterior wall finish to accentuate the entry points. Natural day lighting penetrates the circulation spine and brings daylight into the center of the space.