Lionakis and the West Valley-Mission Community College District recently presented at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference (CHESC). The conference had participation from 41 state-wide university campuses, four community college districts and 23 off-campus partners. The focus this year was “Taking Action” on multiple fronts related to sustainability programs, ideas and programs. The conference was held on the campus of California State University, Fullerton located in Southern California. The three days included:

  • 49 Panel sessions
  • 14 Taking Action sessions
  • 14 Stand-Alone sessions

Lionakis and West Valley-Mission Community College District (WVMCCD) presented on the Gillmor Academic Center with the theme of “Transformational Change through a Sustainable Commitment”. Lionakis and WVMCCD were one of the only panels at this conference speaking on design, construction, LEED best practices and implementation of sustainable building/facilities approaches related to both a specific project and overall District practices. Our panel consisted of Dennis Guerra from Lionakis and Ed Maduli, the Vice Chancellor of Administration from the WVMCCD.

The focus of our presentation was the success and lessons learned over the past several years as the District has initiated a sustainable approach throughout their District. Our presentation focused on using the Mission College Main Building Replacement Phase I project (now named the Gillmor Academic Center) as the model for their continued construction bond program, and their commitment to sustainable design and construction practices. Highlights included discussion of our design approach and successful implementation of a vertical and horizontal geothermal heat pump system, including the lessons learned associated with public agencies and contractor implementation. Dennis and Ed received very positive input from the audience and spent almost 30 minutes afterwards speaking with many of the attendees and answering questions in greater depth regarding their presentation.

Overall, the experience and time spent with one of Lionakis’ closest clients was invaluable. It further cemented our relationship with WVMCCD, while providing for exposure to potential future clients. Through these public speaking opportunities Lionakis continues to expand our presence and expertise throughout California.