The foundation of our firm is built upon a commitment to steward the firm on to the next generation. One of the most important aspects of this commitment is a leadership team that’s active in the development of the next generation through an ongoing culture of mentorship and coaching. We believe that our current staff represent the next generation of firm and project leadership and that if we invest our time and effort in them, amazing things will happen.



We believe the continual development of our staff, management, and leadership is vital. Every member of the firm is encouraged to approach their career with a desire for continual improvement and an aspiration to always strive for the next level. Our philosophy of learning is built around providing the resources and atmosphere to facilitate lifelong learning through the development of emerging professionals and instilling a culture of coaching and mentoring.

Our in-house professional development program, which is constructed around a robust allocation of professional development time, offers CEU approved courses; sustainability and accessibility seminars; equity, diversity, and inclusion presentations; and industry-focused technology-related topics and more. Professional development hours may also be used outside of the firm at industry related events and conferences.



In conjunction with a commitment to provide ongoing professional development for all employees, Lionakis’ Emerging Professionals program (EP) provides staff with the necessary knowledge, tools, and support to become well-rounded architects, structural engineers, and interior designers.

The program provides staff the opportunity to learn about all aspects of the profession beyond their day-to-day responsibilities through site visits, mentorship, and other activities. Monthly classes from our EP University target the education of emerging professionals.

Becoming a licensed professional is an important step for all emerging professionals to take and we realize each individual’s path to licensure is different. We provide paid time to take exams; financial reimbursement for exam fees; study materials; tools to track internship hours as required, and a community to connect with other employees seeking licensure. We work with our employees to provide them the hours they need towards a licensure goal and pair them with a mentor at Lionakis to help guide them through the process.



Lionakis has a Design Technology studio that is committed to research and development, training, and supporting our team. We believe in the importance of embedded change agents, which is why we developed a unique in-house Design Technology Support Specialists (DTSS) Boot Camp that offers several weeks of focused, intensive mentorship and technology training on all aspects of our design technology to individuals across the firm.

Individuals who become DTSS serve as a connection between the Design Technology Studio and their respective market and/or office and are the first line of support for their studios – users supporting users!

During Boot Camp, DTSS learn advanced techniques for supporting and troubleshooting various design technology software and BIM tools. Yearly, a new cohort of DTSS to go through the Boot Camp, which allows us to ensure a steady stream of support and improved market-specific workflows.