Erik Hanson our San Francisco based Healthcare Principal was a featured speaker and panel participant August 28-30th in San Francisco at a Hanson Wade sponsored event focusing on the advancement of Computational Building Design. The goal of the event was to:

-Focus on Real-World Implementation

-Manage Change & Culture

-Understand the ROI

-Consider the Whole Project Lifecycle

-Network in an Interactive Format

The first panel of the day featured Erik and two other industry professionals speaking about Benchmarking and how computational designers integrate into the standard design workflow. Erik not only presented,  but also conducted a workshop on “Understanding & Starting Computational Design Teams”. The workshop focused on the initial steps needed to hire your first computation staff and integrate them into your office culture. Further, it was a survey of the exciting computational design techniques coming to the forefront within the design industry, explaining what they are, and how to successfully employ them in your current work setting.

Erik explains that “there are a myriad of computational tools and methodologies that are available to use that help automate and optimize design functions, help generate forms, while also tackling massive data sets in a way that brings meaning to the design process. But even as computers offer us the ability to handle these tasks, they will never master the fundamentals of analysis and composition as understood by the mind of an architect”.

Congratulations Erik on a successful panel, speaking engagement and workshop event!