Lionakis Newport Beach participated in a unique experience for the 1st time in the annual IIDA Orange County Fashion Show last week at the [AV] Irvine Venue. This year’s theme was Believe – A Mythical Night and they selected Centaur as their character. Centaur defines as a Half-human, half-horse creatures in Greek mythology. The concept was derived by both the wild and tamed characteristics; the wild human on a hunt for a tamed human. Once captured, battled, they transformed into a Centaur.
Weeks before the event, they teamed up with their materials sponsor to collaborate on a design concept, prepare templates and create accessories for the day of show. The models were also able to choreograph a short segment for the runway show.
On the day of the show, each team at the event was challenged to grab fabrics and create as many as 4 outfits within an hour and walk a two minute runway show! Our Newport Beach office participants did an excellent job working together to create an elaborate presentation, and Alex and Bryan did a fantastic job on the runway! It was a mythical event to remember.