With the help of Clark/Sullivan Construction, construction progress is taking shape at Arden Middle School located at the bustling intersection of Watt Avenue and Arden Way in Sacramento, CA. Originally built in 1968, the new replacement campus will be a two-story building utilizing the similar two-story concept as Dyer-Kelly Elementary School, also designed by Lionakis and located within the San Juan Unified School District. The new campus is being modified to fit the needs of the middle school program at Arden. The 82,750 square foot campus will support programs in science, arts, maker spaces as well as general classrooms equipped with NextGEN, flexible spaces.

Utilizing plan re-use from the Dyer-Kelly Elementary School Replacement Campus has allowed the design team to accelerate this project and apply lessons learned from the original plans. Specific revisions of the plans include removal of the kindergarten, which is replaced instead by two floors of science and classroom spaces. Additionally, there was a removal of the multi-purpose space because the campus already has a relatively new Multi-Purpose/Gymnasium. Additional revisions include a change of use for some of the core spaces, including the administration area which was reclaimed for the library. Career Technical Education (CTE) spaces were implemented to provide Computer/Broadcasting and Studio and Maker spaces and an expansion of the administration space is underway to provide services more appropriate for middle school students.

Just last week, the scaffold came down at the serpentine wall, and up next, the corrugated metal on the curved wall will be installed! The project has an estimated completion date of August 2021, just in time for the start of the new school year. Have a look at some of the in-progress photos below, as well as some renderings that envision what the final space is going to look like. Check back here for the latest construction updates as the progress continues to take shape for this new campus!