Pushing through the challenges presented by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the construction progress for our Hawaii based projects has continued to flourish, and progress is unimpeded. Lionakis Project Manager, Jonathan Sim outlined for us below,  two of our local, key projects which have been under construction in Education and Healthcare. The Queen’s Medical Center West Oahu 3rd & 4th Floor renovation project and Honowai Elementary School Building M. These two projects have not skipped a beat due primarily due to our supportive clients, contractor, consultants and the Lionakis team.

QMCWO CSC 3rd & 4th Floor Renovation

The Queen’s Medical Center West Oahu (QMCWO) 3rd & 4th Floor renovation project involves renovating a gutted 3rd and 4th floor (roughly 23,000 SF) into an outpatient clinic space. The 4th floor consists of sports medicine, orthopedics and rehabilitation services. It has progressed steadily through completing the wall and systems installations and is now promptly moving towards ceilings and finish installs.

The 3rd floor which consists of Gastrointestinal (GI), Ear, Nose, Throat (ENT), Neurology and Cardiology, is running smoothly as well and currently they are finishing up drywall, to be followed by the ceilings in the coming weeks. During this time, initiatives to practice safe and responsible social distancing have been reinforced by all parties, and the established protocols begin to set the standard for what our new normal may eventually evolve into as we emerge from this pandemic.

Honowai Elementary School Building M

The Honowai Elementary School is a new 14,655 square foot, three-story classroom building to serve Medically Fragile and Special Education Programs, and also includes Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lab spaces. The building is being developed on a steeply sloping site with outdoor learning lanais and various site improvements.

Honowai Building M is continuing to progress with much of the ongoing foundation work nearing completion in the months ahead. Currently, the superstructure is beginning to emerge from its foundations as columns, core and walls take shape. The second phase of the micropile installations are occurring at the same time as the 2nd story formwork that is being set up in preparation for rebar installation and the subsequent pours to begin enclosing the 1st-floor space.

At Honowai’s building M, the shell is beginning to become a permanent addition to the neighborhood context. The educational and community stakeholders have become incredibly excited and continue to follow the progress daily. Walking the site, there is a great energy and the Lionakis Hawaii team is thankful for the opportunities to see such progress despite these challenging times.

A warm mahalo goes out to our Clients from the Queen’s Medical Center, Hawaii Department of Education and Honowai Elementary School, as well as the Contractors, Consultants, and Lionakis Healthcare, Education & Structural Studio collaborators.  Stay safe! There are many exciting project updates ahead!