Lionakis was founded in 1909 by George Sellon, an architect who moved to Sacramento from Madison, Wisconsin in the early 1900s. Everyone at our firm is proud of this longevity and the legacy we are a part of.

Recently, the opportunity to continue this legacy arose by working on a building designed by George in 1915-Lassen County’s Historic Courthouse in Susanville (the picture to the left shows George atop the lintel of the main entry to the Courthouse, circa 1917).

Yesterday, we found out that Lionakis was selected as the Architect for their Historic Courthouse Square Modernization Project! The project will start in December and will involve a full Due Diligence report of the Historic Courthouse and an adjacent building, called “The Annex”. The Due Diligence Report is just the first step in a multi-phase plan to upgrade, modernize and renovate the buildings at the Courthouse Square, including Historic considerations. The Historic Architect on our team is Page & Turnbull.

Additionally, from 2008-2010, Lionakis designed a new Courthouse for Lassen County. This building, which was dedicated in 2012, provides modern justice facilities for the Court while acknowledging that Historic Courthouse served the County for many, many years. So, here’s to the opportunity to continue the legacy on a building that served its community for almost 100 years – and repurposing it for another century!