Dating back to 1996, Lionakis first started working with Elk Grove Unified School District on modernizations at David Reese Elementary School and Samuel Kennedy Elementary School. Currently, we are working on several modernizations at Elk Grove High school, and now, we are thrilled to be working together once more on another elementary school in the District. Lionakis was recently awarded the Laguna Ridge East Elementary School which will be a new, ground-up campus including pre-k through sixth grade.

The new school is anticipated to include multiple learning studios, play areas, activities such as music, art, and a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program. Additional common areas will be included throughout the campus including a multi-purpose room, cafeteria and performance theater, a kitchen with building support spaces, a courtyard, discovery center, special education and outdoor areas, kindergarten and pre-k areas with learning studios and play space, a main office and parking and drop off areas.

We are very honored to continue to serve Elk Grove Unified School District through this exciting project and we are looking forward to strengthening our partnership with the District and surrounding community for years to come.

Please see our photo gallery below for a look at some of our “before” project photos and some renderings and floor plans of current projects in progress with Elk Grove Unified School District