In 2007, Courage Worldwide founder and CEO Jenny Williamson learned that we live in a world where children are sold for sex and vowed to do something about it – something that would protect vulnerable children and help them not only to survive, but to fully develop into their new future.

Jenny established her foundation and vowed to give them hope and a home. In 2011 she opened two Courage Houses – homes for minor girls rescued from sex trafficking. These houses are in the United States and in Africa. It is Courage Worldwide’s mission and intent to build a Courage House in every city around the world that needs one, so rescued children will have a safe place to heal and call home. They are committed to not only rescuing child victims of sex trafficking, but also to provide safety, a path to healing and recovery and a full restoration of their lives, one individual at a time.

Jenny came to speak at the Lionakis Foundation lunch and learn after her organization was nominated by Lionakis Architect, Claire Seger, who also hosted the Lunch and Learn fundraising event in Sacramento. Jenny shared with us what we can do to help these children rescued from sex trafficking. The Lionakis Foundation, established in 2009 was pleased to be able to contribute much needed funding donated by our staff towards Courage Worldwide and help Jenny and her team to continue to support these children in need. We found out that in Sacramento alone, more than 500 girls between the ages of eight and seventeen have been rescued from trafficking and that it is one of the cities profiled in the powerful national documentary, “In Plain Sight”:


On August 24th you can help! Their upcoming triathlon is a major event where you can contribute your time, athleticism and donations towards their mission by either running, biking and kayaking in the event, or by choosing to be a volunteer, sponsor or fundraiser.

You can help to make a huge difference in helping Courage Worldwide’s mission to rescue and restore to health, child victims of sex trafficking.

To find out more about the triathlon or register to participate: