Design That Makes a Difference – Design Process

Design has always been and will always be part of our core guiding principles at Lionakis. When approaching projects we are guided by the philosophy that transformational design can create a sense of place. We believe the right solution can both inspire and impact the way people think, travel, work, live or communicate. In the end, whether it is a new school, a hospital renovation or a new civic building, we understand each project is unique and needs to be responsive to both the client and its environment, creating a story and a better everyday experience.

Our primary focus is always our client. Focusing on each client’s needs we work to develop key “design drivers” and project goals that become the foundation for our approach. We refine these goals and drivers through interactive charrettes that involve the client, end users, other key project stakeholders, and even the community.Through these charrettes we encourage the free flow of ideas while introducing options, concepts, and out of the box ideas to challenge the group to take the design to the next level.We also work to weave in a holistic and sustainable design approach, balancing the social, economic, and environmental needs of the client and the project to strive for a triple bottom line sustainable solution.These design dialogues result in projects that offer appropriate solutions for our clients’ needs while pushing the project boundaries of creativity and sustainability.

Lionakis’ passion for innovative design has always revolved around solutions that provide our clients with the right mix of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Creating these solutions requires a culture dedicated and empowered to achieving these results.To facilitate that we utilize each of our offices as a design laboratory, researching the latest products, experimenting with cutting edge technology, and inspiring and challenging each other through design-focused events and learning opportunities.

Design is not exclusive at Lionakis; it is very inclusive.Our in-house design committee represents all of our services and studios and works to infuse passion and creativity firm-wide.The design committee helps remind all our groups that every project has a unique opportunity and when significant design opportunities present themselves we must come together as a firm and take advantage of them. Also core to this committee is the belief that we need to constantly push ourselves. In this spirit our design committee leverages venues such as our Intranet, lunch time roundtables, and even guest speakers to create a firm-wide awareness of new trends and ways we can raise the bar on our designs Our inclusive approach creates a design passion that leverages the unique qualities each member of the firm has to offer and empowers a representative group to help constantly push our design culture to the next level. Building off our collective creativity and innovation we are able to design award winning, client focused solutions.

“I believe that there is great opportunity in every project, large or small. Working collaboratively with engaged stakeholders allows us to design projects that truly make a difference. Delivering an inspiring project that positively impacts end-users, clients, and the community is an amazing feeling.“ -Laura Knauss, Principal

Lionakis is “Designing a Better Future” by listening to our clients, challenging ourselves, and creating solutions that inspire and impact lives.

*This post is part 4 of a 12 part series highlighting the different ways in which Lionakis is living out our mission “Designing a Better Future”.