Healthcare –  Creating Healing Environments
Healthcare design at Lionakis is about creating healing environments for patients while meeting the operational goals of our clients. The complex nature of projects in this market requires a depth of expertise that is crafted and constantly honed over the years. We bring a high level of expertise which both enhances the patient experience and ensures the medical professionals serving them have the most advantageous arrangement so they can truly serve patients’ needs. We believe design can impact the healing process through creativity, innovation and evidence-based design and we work to craft solutions that do just that. In today’s complex healthcare landscape owners, practitioners and patients face many challenges. We are inspired to create facilities that help reduce those challenges and contribute to creating healthier and more vibrant communities.

Lionakis is “Designing a Better Future” by creating healing environments that work for practitioners and the patients they serve.

*This post is part 5 of a 12 part series highlighting the different ways in which Lionakis is living out our mission “Designing a Better Future”.