Civic –  Instilling a Sense of Pride
Lionakis is steeped in a legacy of working with civic clients and the people they serve to design spaces that instill pride in our communities. These buildings serve the public in many different ways while also housing a variety of different stakeholders, impacting everything from functionality to community inspiration. Therefore, the design of every civic project is approached in a holistic manner and infused with creativity, taking into account aesthetic, operational, social and end-user needs. We thrive on designing projects that can help define a community while creating a vision of hope, pride and achievement.

“I love working with our clients to take advantage of the opportunities in projects to not only design excellent facilities, but to instill Civic pride while creating positive change in the individual lives affected by these facilities.”
– Maynard Feist, Principal

Lionakis is “Designing a Better Future” by instilling a sense of Civic pride in each and every one of our projects.

*This post is part 6 of a 12 part series highlighting the different ways in which Lionakis is living out our mission “Designing a Better Future”.