Lionakis employees are continuing to find new ways to be creative and stay busy on the weekends throughout the current mandatory stay-at-home orders. New skills are being acquired and the most unique and beautiful projects are being designed and created from home, bringing a whole new meaning to the term designing from the inside out. In Part II of Designing From the Inside Out at Home, check out the great projects and the many talents of our employees showcased below.

In the Civic Studio, Project Manager Michael Hodges was in need of storage space for his books in his home office, so by putting his woodworking skills to use he whipped out some beautiful book ends and book cases!

Mary Morris, Associate Principal in Education, is a fashionista designer behind the scenes, and she has been designing and creating wearable fashion pieces that are truly works of art.

Marisa Pollock is a Senior Interior Designer in Healthcare and her husband is a General Contractor by day and a Nurse by night! During the pandemic, he has been remodeling their home – with some help from their girls too!

Kevin Hall, an Architect in the Education Studio, is easily a woodworking fanatic, and he has been creating lots of home projects, including most recently, a wooden American flag where he hand-carved in each of the 50 stars – have a look at the detail video below:

It’s so great to see what Lionakis employees are doing to not only pass the time, but also be creative while remaining safer at home. Stay tuned for more at-home hobbies to be shared and check out the awesome projects below for a look into all that has continued to be created!

For examples of projects that Lionakis designs from the inside out, check out our projects here.