Many Lionakis employees are finding ways to get creative and stay busy on the weekends throughout the mandatory stay-at-home orders. Now that working from home has brought on a whole new meaning for all of us, new skills are being acquired and projects built that may have otherwise been put off in the hectic pattern of normal life. It’s safe to say, designing from the inside-out has taken on a whole new meaning.

Lionakis’ Marketing Coordinator, Taylor and Education Studio Architect, Kevin, have been staying busy by woodworking and building projects for inside their home. With plenty of inspiration from modern rustic design, Kevin designed and built matching nightstands, and with teamwork, they painted them by hand. Taylor also picked up new skills including learning how to use a sander and the techniques of staining in order to successfully make a “Welcome” sign for the porch.

Lionakis Interior Designer, Jamie, and her husband have been trying to come up with creative ways for their kids to spend more time outside during the pandemic. They decided to build a treehouse they have been longing to build for their kids, but had never found enough time. Thanks to the slowing of their schedule, the children are now enjoying the outdoors in a fun, custom treehouse that includes a slide!

It’s great to see what Lionakis employees are doing to pass the time, while continuing to be creative and remain safe at home. Stay tuned for more at-home skills and hobbies to be shared and check out the custom wood creations in our photo gallery below.

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