The Education Studio hosted their seasonal DESIGNBar this past week and had a special March Madness/Final Four theme to kick things up a notch. “ED Pong” tested player skill not only in getting the ping pong balls into the cups, but to get the points you had to correctly answer a question about an Education Project based on a photo.

In the “Maker Lab”, participants had to make a catapult and then use it to launch skittles across the room and hit staff “targets” for points. “Design for Athletics” happened in the newly named Younger Room (after recently retired Education Principal, Dave Younger). The “Virtual Reality” station focused on Mira Loma High School and Science terminology, while the “Extra Free Throw” station was managed by Sustainability and you could earn points through getting baskets or by answering questions about Sustainability.

Veggies and other snacks kept everyone’s energy high and focused, and every station winner walked away with a sweet prize. Thanks to Ed Studio for making this a fun learning experience and game night!