Almost everyone pursuing a new job or career path wants to find something that gives them a sense of fulfillment as well as success. It’s not easy to find a job that offers both things all the time and often people can find themselves in a job that pays the bills, but doesn’t feel meaningful, and that type of job won’t keep you satisfied in the long run.

Statistically, it’s been shown that employees who feel their work creates positive impact in their community and in the world outside the office, are more likely to feel satisfied, be promoted within their company, and stay at their place of employment longer. If a company can help individuals better find a fulfilling purpose at work, then the organization will benefit from having more productive and successful employees. Here’s a few things to keep in mind regarding that during your job hunt or even in your current position:

What Drives You?

When researching companies you might be interested in working with, look into their community engagement or even better, ask them in person during an interview or call them up and be sure that their values line up with yours.

Purpose over Paycheck

Of course, we all work for a paycheck, that’s just a fact of life. However, the culture and values a company has and how it aligns with your goals and purpose is what really keeps you feeling engaged and fulfilled.

Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

It sure helps though, doesn’t it? But realistically, don’t ever choose a job solely based on the money. It’s commonly known that you should not bring up salary in an initial interview, unless a potential employer asks. Managers don’t want to hire potential employees who are only focused on a dollar value. Negotiating your rate of pay means some of the best people might be willing to take a lower salary if they see the greater benefits to the job environment, believe in the purpose and have the opportunity to make a difference; and the best employers might be willing to revise their initial offer for that just-right candidate.

A company and its employees both benefit from a creative and meaningful work culture, one that they work on together. A business doesn’t have to be a non-profit to foster an environment where employees feel like their work matters. Lionakis has their own foundation dedicated to impacting positive change and improving the quality of Education, Health Awareness, and Urban Environments.  Here are a few highlights of our company’s giving back programs:

Matching Grants

The Lionakis Foundation offers (2) matching Grant opportunities to Lionakis staff, a Volunteer Matching Grant and the Dollar Matching Grant. Each of these programs will match contributions of both time and money made by employees to eligible nonprofit organizations. Staff can take advantage of both the Volunteer and Dollar Matching Grant programs each year.

Employee Driven Giving Program

The Lionakis Foundation has a large-scale giving program, driven by donations received by our employees. Employees have the option to donate up to $5 dollars a paycheck which goes to multiple, local charities.


Lionakis hosts the annual George Lionakis Memorial Golf Tournament each year, which raises funds for the Lionakis Foundation Endowment. Learn more about the tournament here.

Finding Out More

These are just some of the things Lionakis does to help create an impact in our firm culture and the communities we live and work in. If you are interested in finding out more about how Lionakis might be part of your making an impact on the world, have a peek at our careers page here. We are always looking for people to join our team in designing a better future.