Thoughtful and whole-health oriented design has been shown to strongly influence top-notch healthcare facilities and their subsequent effect on patient rates and speeds of recuperation, ultimately, creating a healthcare experience that matters. From renovations to new builds, today’s patient care centers keep comfort, design and functionality at the forefront. Here are three standout projects:

This project involved the conversion of a shell space and a medical equipment and instrument storage room to a Hybrid CVOR room on the third floor of the existing Sutter General Hospital located at the Sutter Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. The scope of the work was broken down into seven increments that were delivered under a collaborative Integrated Project Delivery process. The intent of the division of these increments was to release the contractor to start construction as soon as possible and to minimize disruption to the rest of the building as well as to reduce oversight agency review time.



From a barren former air force base in an undeveloped desert location, sprung the inspired ‘Desert Oasis’ in Riverside County, CA. With the Living Wall occupying the central focus of the main lobby and extensive daylighting employed throughout, this building is a welcome respite that encourages healing through interaction with living things, mobility, and sunlight. The color palette implemented by the interiors team promotes a peaceful and calm environment and sustainability features to note include LED lighting, low flow water fixtures and at project completion, LEED Gold certification.

This major update and renovation to an existing medical center took place in Honolulu, HI. With several phases of construction, multiple floors and varying building systems to accommodate – the overall aim of the project was to create a healing environment through serene, Hawaiian culture inspired interior design. The concept took inspiration from the surrounding landscape, features, and colors of the islands. The design team adopted the saying Aloha Aina (love of the land) and each of the facility’s seven floors was given a theme that emphasized the natural environment of Hawaii.

      Basement: Hibiscus, Hawaiian State flower which symbolizes love

    First Floor: Aloha Aina, Love of the land

     Second Floor: Palm, meaning Victory and Success, which provides nutrients and abundance of products to the native population

Third Floor: Bamboo symbolizes long life, strength, versatility and is used for healing

 Fourth Floor: Water, Hawaiian culture believes that water is the basis of Life and is the greatest of gifts. Waiola- Water of Life.

 Fifth Floor: Kukui, spiritual significance of Hope and Renewal and in the Hawaiian culture, is the symbol of enlightenment, protection and peace.

 Sixth Floor: Orchid, representing beauty and abundance


From highly technical environments to multi-story buildings and the impacts of considered design on the recuperation process of patients – all of these aspects show us how important it is that we implement every resource we can towards building holistic healthcare spaces that encompass healing modalities that can benefit all stages of acute injury, disease and rehabilitation. For a closer look at more recent Lionakis healthcare project success stories, click here.