Thanksgiving is also about caring for your community and last Monday, a small group from our San Francisco Office volunteered in the kitchens at Project Open Hand, a community organization that provides over 2,500 meals a day to the elderly, the disabled, and those coping with serious illness in the Bay Area.

Food = Medicine, Pilot Study

Seeking a greater voice in the public health conversation, Project Open Hand partnered with the University of California San Francisco on scientific studies tracking the data of health benefits associated with Food as Medicine. This scientific collaboration with physicians and researchers from UC San Francisco demonstrates with data how the healing power of nutritious food is crucial for serving the critically ill.
Lionakis staff happily peeled potatoes, chopped onions, and prepared meal trays along with a team of volunteers who all recognize that food is medicine. It was a great chance to use our cooking skills for the good of our community. Have a look at their great video and find out the other ways that you too can help out through events, online or in person in Oakland or San Francisco.