The people of the High Desert in Lancaster, California have long relied on LA County Healthcare facilities to provide for their healthcare needs. Until now, the only location for those services was set in the middle of a sprawling correctional facility community on the outskirts of town. This is no longer the case.

Lionakis recently completed the High Desert Regional Health Center in Lancaster. This full service, 140,000 square foot outpatient clinic is designed to be a beacon of healthcare within the High Desert community. The landmark facility provides a single location to meet ambulatory healthcare needs. A vast array of medical services is provided to serve the needs of pediatrics, general family medicine and women with specialty clinics. Additional services include imaging, outpatient surgery, pharmacy, rehabilitation and dental.

“The opportunity to make a huge impact on a community was inspiring” says Don McAllister, Principal-in-Charge of the project at Lionakis.

The project is more than a place to deliver healthcare to the community; it is an opportunity to provide the High Desert region with a place for community pride. Many elements were incorporated into this state of the art facility including a large art installation from internationally-renowned artist Brad Howe. The focus to minimize the building’s impact on the environment is evident in every design decision, driven by the goal of LEED Gold designation. From the inside out, the High Desert Regional Health Center is a model portrayal of LA County’s commitment to meet the needs of their residents and inspire civic pride through timeless and sustainable design.