We are well aware that our healthcare design industry, at pace with our world, is undergoing unprecedented and rapid change. Disruptors like COVID-19, social unrest, socioeconomic health disparities and political and regulatory uncertainty has direct impact on our economy, our capacity and our resources. For healthcare providers, this compounds access challenges, cost pressures and tactical responses.

Lionakis’ approach to helping healthcare clients move forward in this current environment involves embracing what we call the four R’s or R to the power of 4:

Right Care
Right Location
Right Time
Right Cost

How do we do this?

Primarily, we provide capital investment decision support. What does that mean? It means that we are data driven and we use a unique, Integrated Medical Facility Planning (IMFP) process. We assess your unique scenarios to support optimal operational efficiency, strive to increase patient access and provide more flexibility, all while saving on costs. We can provide a comprehensive or laser focused approach using rapid scenario mapping and “what-if” testing methods to show you how the different options play out in both the short and long-term.

Why do we do this?

We clearly understand the opportunities and constraints facing healthcare companies and healthcare providers. What we do helps you to re-focus your priorities, ultimately benefiting your long-term patient care goals and business viability. Maximizing your return on investment benefits everyone and we work hard to help you deliver on your promises.

Market Trends

There has been a transformative increase in telemedicine care delivery, and a corresponding impact on supply and demand. This has also interrupted the care model in a potentially positive way – care can now happen almost anywhere with personalization available from home, in a consumer-based delivery method that now uses virtual visits, for example.

Value-Based Care Models

The value-based care model looks at outcome versus cost and revenue. This model is integrated in our process by helping providers to prioritize prevention, pay attention to socioeconomic disparities and data driven social determinants. This transformation of the care model requires a re-engineering of the delivery system and the redesign of capital program projects. Lionakis guides you through these major “re-thinks” by consistently balancing your capacity and resources with cost and quality and the overall value we see reflected in the market. While it’s important for new construction to keep on track, we also help keep an eye and focus on optimizing and leveraging your already existing assets.

The Bottom Line

Our clients seek flexibility, nimbleness and speed to market. Cost effective solutions are just the starting point; they also require a partnership with a firm that has confidence and experience in proven processes and outcomes. Our team’s experience in the marketplace always prioritizes Cost, Quality and Access. Below, click on each of the images to enlarge them and see how we recognize Common Challenges and Common Goals and then, some of the Elements We Consider when approaching your projects:


Our Process

Our approach involves facilitating a seven-step planning process that is scalable and dynamic. The results produce strategic master plan “road-maps” that optimizes the delivery of care and ensures the highest and best use of capital assets over time. The collaborative process is based on realistic and measurable goals, objectives and key success factors. This also enables us to quickly respond and easily update plans and options when the needs and strategy change. Now, more than ever, we all realize the value of being able to pivot and strategically respond as both patient and business needs shift.

IMFP Focus

Depending on your needs, Lionakis can conduct Long-Term Campus Master Plans which address the development and use of facilities on a campus over time, we can develop Regional or Multi-Site Master Plans which addresses the development and use of facilities across several sites, or, we can also conduct a New Site Master Plan, which address the development of that new site over time.

Finding Out More

Ready to learn more? Connect with Bill Pickford, Lionakis’ Director of Healthcare Planning. Bill brings nearly 40 years of experience in medical facility planning in the healthcare industry. He has worked on hundreds of projects in nearly every type of healthcare setting, and across nearly a dozen different healthcare providers. Bill’s thorough understanding of operations, functional and space programming and optimal design are a huge asset on each and every project. His career has enabled him to deliver tremendously successful projects through developing solutions that enable high quality care, in a cost conscious manner. Connecting with him will give you access to our IMFP detailed brochure, and the opportunity to have a conversation about how Lionakis can help you achieve your short and long-term facility planning goals. No one can do what Bill can do!

Email: Bill.Pickford@Lionakis.com
Phone: (415) 847-0733