by Bret Harper, Lionakis Associate Principal, Interiors

Lionakis Associate Principal of Interiors, Bret Harper, was recently included as a resource in California Building News on the topic of Interior Styling, Care and Workplace Design Value:

“I always like to weigh the probability of the flooring material’s ‘trend-duration’ against the flooring material’s ‘reasonableness of replacement’. What this means is that while I have little compunction about installing a faux wood wide-plank vinyl floor in the very popular gray tones, it is because I know that the facilities will likely be refreshed in 10-12 years. However, using a trending faux wood porcelain tile may remain in a project for the entire building’s life. This is where I opt for large scale, clean, timeless colors with minimal to no texture, allowing for more flexibility for the project to remain timeless.”

“I feel timeless colors are colors that have stood the test of time through more than decades, maybe even standing strong through centuries.”

“Many of us remember bleached hardwood floors seeing their day, and when they were in style they were amazing. Then everyone stained them back to what the material intrinsically was, which was the color of wood. When I say ‘timeless color’ when referring to porcelain tile, I classify that as neutral colors (or non-colors) such as white, black, off-whites, but avoiding tiles that are trying too hard to imitate materials they are not, or at least when you are concerned about the life of a project beyond 20 years. Those faux wood porcelain tiles will someday tell of a fashion in flooring that represents a period of time. That is all okay depending on the life of the project overall.”

“If you are working on a project that has a life of over 20 years where the flooring will not be touched or updated, then maybe it is worth considering that decision and going instead with neutral and letting the trends in design be manifested in materials that are easier and less expensive to change over time.”

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California Buildings News, Q1 2019 

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