On Thursday, August 8th, the Lionakis Interiors Studio held a summer Design Bar event at our Sacramento office and everyone had a chance to look at some current projects, participate in some fun games and a chance to win a custom designed bag from Pallas Textiles!

“Guess the Name” game was hosted by Katie and Erin and participants had to match paint color names with swatches in order to win points.

“Get to the Meeting on Time was facilitated by Jamie, Bianca and Andrea and consisted of a relay race from the Interiors’ Library, where participants pick up their samples, run to the Starkweather Room where the plans are located and then on to the Cox Room, where you had to lay everything out for your client meeting. The fastest team was Harjot and Claire, and Arnulfo had the fastest individual time.

 “Getting to Know Interiors” was created by Bret, Pa, Suzanne and Patrick. The station included a beautiful display of the entire Lionakis Interior team photos with connection points to fun facts about them, things they like to do, projects they have designed or special skills and talents. It was really a great opportunity for everyone to learn a bit more about the Interiors team personally.

The Design Technology room housed a display of current Interiors projects and a chance to experience Virtual Reality (VR). Put together by Jill, Jamie J, Monica and Patrick, it was amazing to see the ways that technology can help our clients and the entire design team to not only visualize, but actually experience the feel of a space.

One of the biggest thrills of the night was a chance to win custom handbags designed by G’anna Burke, with the help of Associate Principal Bret Harper, who picked out the fabric combinations from Pallas Textiles. People who played or visited all three stations were put in the drawing to win one of the three bags. Congratulations to Elena, Hien and Amy who completed all four challenges at each station and won a beautiful, custom bag!

Thank you to the Interiors studio for such a warm and welcoming event, and the chance to not only get to know your projects but all of you a bit better too. Senior Project Coordinator, Carol Hang:

” A BIG thank you to everyone who was able to join us. Hopefully you were able to learn a little bit more about your fellow Lionakis colleagues, experience what it’s like to run and prep for a client meetings carrying samples/plans (maybe next year we will have you wear heels), and be as confused as we are about some of those paint color names.”