Every summer, Lionakis hires a variety of interns, all on different paths in their college careers, that come to us from various higher education institutions throughout the state and the country. This year we have 11 amazing candidates in our Sacramento and Newport Beach offices. The Lionakis internship provides these students with an unforgettable experience of working alongside industry professionals and leaders throughout the markets and various departments in the firm while also getting an inside scoop on what it takes to become a professional within the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry. Some of our interns are spending one summer with us, whereas others like Harjot and Sam have returned to us for the second year of interning and we couldn’t be more thrilled about that!

“I believe Lionakis and the people in it are a part of my future and that the firm has great leaders with a vision to make that future better.”
-Sam Payandeh, Student Intern, Education Studio

Throughout the summer, the Lionakis internship provides many valuable learning and networking opportunities. For example, an ongoing, in-house internship speaker series is held each week that provides informational learning sessions on a variety of firm and industry-related topics. These topics range from the path to becoming a licensed Architect or Engineer; the deeply-rooted history of the firm; an inside look into the specific services of the firm and access to the leaders, mentors and Principals of our firm that are in charge of that specific service and market.

“What initially attracted me to Lionakis was the emphasis on thoughtful, sustainable design. However, the past month and a half has revealed to me that the beauty of Lionakis is not merely the ‘product’, so to speak, but the process as well. It’s the kind of firm where you come for the quality architecture and stay for the dynamo people and thriving office environment.”
-Ann Carriere, Student Intern, Sustainability Studio

Our hope is that by the end of the summer, our interns walk away with valuable knowledge and real-life experiences that they can apply to their college pursuits and eventually, their future careers.

"I chose Lionakis because I love Sacramento and I love design. I ended up as a marketing intern and am enjoying it so much. I have been learning about the business side of architecture and how important marketing is. I have also been lucky enough to learn a bit more about graphic design which has been really fun. I am inspired every day seeing how people, from business development to architectural design, work together to create beautiful buildings throughout Sacramento and all our other locations."
- Tessie Berghoff, Student Intern, Business Development Studio

"One of the main reasons I chose to spend my summer at Lionakis was their value in the personal growth of their employees becoming licensed architects and the effort everyone puts into the emerging professional's program that interns also get to participate in. While you may be working in one specific studio, you have the opportunity to learn about all the markets and determine where your own interests are."
- Harjot Sidhu, Student Intern, Civic Studio

"Lionakis was my chosen firm to intern with this summer due to their attention towards sustainable design. Currently, global warming is more prominent than ever and for some reason, we, the people (designers, architects, & engineers), have strayed away from renewable resources. We construct all these steel-framed, concrete, etc. structures yet we have all the technology now to make even stronger and more innovative green solutions to designing new buildings. I noticed that Lionakis was a strong advocate for more eco-friendly solutions and I believe that is what separates an outstanding firm from a 'good' one."
- Patrick Sasan, Student Intern, Interior Design Studio