Special Delivery Announcement: We’ve had two new members of the Lionakis family arrive this past week and both in our Civic Studio! Ike Okemiri is a designer in our Civic Studio, and he and his wife Joanna welcomed a baby girl named Shalom Adanna Okemiri. She was born July 24th weighing in at 7lbs, 6 ounces and is 18 inches tall. We were also overjoyed to welcome little baby Elisa, to father Robert Trujillo’s family, who is also a designer in our Civic Studio. You can see their beautiful newborn photos in the gallery below along with some of the other cute kids of Lionakis employees! It was so wonderful to hear the good news of the arrival of two healthy baby girls, to join the Lionakis extended family.

These kids have been the best work-from-home assistants as we all continue to shelter in place. You could say that the kids have had to be the most resilient of us all; learning how to shift their school environment to home while also finding creative activities to stay busy and active to avoid boredom, while also not being able to be with friends. We’ve gotten to know them all a bit better (sometimes in the background of zoom meetings!) as their parents juggle their work commitments, home schooling and family time.

From playing in treehouses to sitting on our laps at our desks, keeping entertained on old cell phones while playing dress up in the most fashionable attire, to being our workout buddies, and making pretend work-from-home laptops—these kids are staying SO creative in the most challenging of times and we are so thankful to have them to brighten our days at home!

Ike and Robert’s newborn/family photos are the first three photos in the gallery below, have a look at them all to see how the kids are keeping things interesting at home. Congratulations to Ike, Robert and your families – we couldn’t be more overjoyed at this good news!