Lionakis was thrilled to be among the list of honorees at the Sacramento Business Journal’s Best Places to Work of 2018! A team of staff from across the markets of the firm joined Lionakis President, Don McAllister who accepted the award. A networking event, followed by a delicious lunch and the viewing of each nominated company’s submitted video ensured a great time. Here’s the Lionakis video, on why we think we’re a great place to work, put together by our talented graphic design department:

With over 400 enthusiastic attendees and professional photography by Tia Gemmell happening throughout the event, there was much to be seen, heard and celebrated. Hosted by publisher David Lichtman along with Sonya Sorich and Sam Boykin, the Business Journal teamed with Quantum Workplace, a technology company in Omaha, Nebraska, to conduct the Best Places to Work survey. Employees of the nominated companies were asked to answer 30 questions that measure employee engagement in six categories, including teamwork, trust, compensation and benefits.

All companies were ranked and finalists were chosen in size-based categories based on employee responses. Lionakis was a finalist and a corporate sponsor of the event, in the large size category, with over 100 of our employees taking the survey. We were truly honored to be included in such good company, with so many businesses and partners in the Sacramento community doing great things for their employees and our city as a whole.


What Makes Our Company Stand Out From Others

Lionakis employees grow as we grow. A remarkable number of our employees have been here for five, 10, 15 and even 20 or 30 years! We have committed senior management with decades of experience who are always ready to take the time and effort to mentor the next generation.

What We Do to Inspire Employees and Keep them Engaged

Lionakis believes in Designing a Better Future and having fun. Design-focused happy hours provide inspiration. We also have fun hosted events for staff and their families at River Cats and Sac Republic games. We engage in friendly competitions with golf, softball and football teams and support local charities through the Lionakis Foundation.

Qualities We Look for in Employees

Because Lionakis is committed to the professional development of each employee, we look for a desire to learn, share knowledge (including mistakes!) and work collaboratively. We believe that it takes a diverse group of people and skills to create a truly strong team and recognize that everyone brings something valuable to the table.

How We Define Success

Success is creating environments that transform the communities in which we live and work. We’ve been part of the Sacramento community for over 100 years and consider it a privilege to design the schools, hospitals and office buildings which are part of the fabric of our local community.

Overcoming Challenges

Finding skilled professionals with with 10-15 years of experience is a big challenge facing our industry as a whole. While many factors contribute to this, the 2008 recession was a significant factor. Our industry was hit hard as many young professionals left for other opportunities and never returned.

Most of all, sending a big thank you to our 180+ employees for making Lionakis a great place to come to work!

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