The Lionakis Foundation was established in 2009 as a charitable organization dedicated to philanthropy, giving back financial support and volunteerism to promote a better future for the communities in which we all live and work. The charitable organizations we give back to are held close to our employees’ hearts and are nominated by them.  In April, the Lionakis Foundation gave back to another non-profit that many animal lovers hold close to their hearts – The City of Irvine Animal Care Center. Last week, the Lionakis Foundation hosted a virtual Lunch and Learn for the Irvine Animal Care Center to learn more about their impactful mission, and the ways our employees can volunteer their time and efforts to help give back.

"The Irvine Animal Care Center provides sheltering, care, and enrichment for homeless, neglected, abused, or unwanted animals. Services include licensing for Irvine residents, pet adoptions and events."

The Irvine Animal Care Center provides homes to dogs, cats, rabbits and other animals who are without shelter, or animals that are surrendered by an owner who can no longer provide adequate care for them. The Center also provides medical care to animals that are taken in, as well as food and bedding as these animals await adoption. The representative for the Care Center also shared that you can help by fostering animals. Often the Center sees high volumes of dogs and cats at any one time, and the fostering of an animal at home helps with capacity at the Center while also providing a loving, quiet home as these animals await adoption. Additionally, any animals that get transferred to the Center and are too young/fragile to be spayed, have low survival rates. These animals are generally placed in foster care until they reach the weight of two pounds and eight weeks of age.

You don’t have to adopt to support the animals at the Center, and any donations are widely accepted. The Center hosts virtual events including a virtual 5K most recently where participants paid to participate and the funds went towards animals in need. The link to all the upcoming events can be found here and also on their Facebook page.

At the conclusion of the Lunch and Learn program, the Lionakis Foundation presented the Irvine Animal Care Center with a check for $1,250 to contribute towards their mission of providing advanced care to homeless pets.

Thank you so much to the Center for taking the time to share with the Lionakis Foundation the importance of your services throughout the Orange County community!