The latest issue of the Architectural Engineering Magazine (ARCE), includes several stories and images that involve a few of our staff members, as well as previous student interns. Structural Designer, Lilliann Lai, is featured on the cover, as well as in stories and additional photos on pages 8-9 and 12-13.

Last fall, Lionakis was excited to be one of the sponsors for the winning team of the Timber-Strong Design Competition, held in Anaheim, CA as part of the National Council of Structural Engineers Association (NCSEA) annual conference. You can see that story on pages 12-13, with photos of both Lilliann and former intern Dolores Herrera at work. Dolores also went on to receive the KPFF Consulting Engineers Scholarship, which you can read about on page 14.

Structural Designer, Amber Sutherland, joined Cal Poly students on a trip to both Myanmar and Lithuania! In Myanmar, the Cal Poly Architectural Engineering Students also known as SESH or, Structural Engineering Students for Humanity, involved 14 students who traveled to Yangon, a city of more than 7 million people which suffered extensive damage from a 2016 earthquake. The student’s goal was to provide seismic retrofit solutions as part of a joint learning and humanitarian service mission. All the details and photos from that trip can be found on  pages 18-19.

In Lithuania, the trip was geared towards students who are in third-year. They are able to study abroad for six weeks in the summer, while also meeting and learning with and from their peers in Lithuania, who are also students. Their weekdays are pretty full, but they have weekends to travel and rest. Amber also joined this trip and that story is on pages 20-21.

The 30th anniversary of the Structural Forum at Cal Poly is covered on pages 22-23, of which Lionakis was an engaged and active participant at the annual career fair where we connected with students. Finally, Lionakis Structural Principal, Matt Melcher is pictured and mentioned on the back cover as part of the Advisory Board for the Architectural Engineering Department (ARCE), at Cal Poly. This volunteer position was acknowledged and appreciated for the several industry partners who generously volunteer their time to serve in this capacity.

It’s amazing to see so many mentions of our firm, staff and interns alongside so many of our talented industry partners, colleagues and friends in this issue. Thank you to Cal Poly for including and recognizing our team!

You can access and read the full issue here. Photography provided to ARCE magazine is a combination of work from Josef Kasperovich, as well as courtesy photos taken and shared by those in attendance at the various events.