In order to better serve our client’s needs, Lionakis recently added Access Compliance to our in-house services. Lionakis understands that access compliance is more than just providing ramps and grab bars, it’s about allowing all people to truly be able to experience the spaces we create. We are proud to announce that we have recently hired a State of California Certified Access Specialist (CASp), Michelle Davis, who provides more than 25 years of experience and a strong understanding of the unique challenges faced by both Title II and Title III entities.

Blending Michelle’s expertise with our team of experienced architects, we will leverage our knowledge to complete thorough facilities assessments, synthesize data into useable access compliance reports and develop prioritized remediation plans to guide our clients in achieving access compliance.

Our basic services include:

ADA Self Evaluation
Facility Survey/Barrier Assessment
CRASCA reports
Facility Reports, Diagrams and Inventory
Comprehensive ADA Transition Plans
Customizable Project Databases and Mapping
Third Party Plan Reviews
Broker/Client Walkthroughs
Remediation Plans

Meet our Expert

As the Director of Accessibility at Lionakis, Michelle Davis is a versatile Architect and Certified Access Specialist (CASp). Over her 25 years of practice, Michelle has developed a unique understanding and appreciation for developing access compliance solutions. Michelle possesses a rare combination of both creative design skills as well as excellent construction document and detailing knowledge. As a proven problem solver with a robust knowledge of building codes and accessibility requirements, Michelle has demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate with staff, clients and consultants, all while managing budgets and deadlines. Michelle explains, “My passion for access is driven by empathy, both for the people using the buildings and owners trying to be compliant. Eventually every one of us will need the elements in an accessible building. The idea that, with just a little planning, facilities can provide rich opportunities for full participation in life for everyone– shopping, entertainment, education, civic activities– is truly exciting to me. Think about it, a fully accessible, integrated city makes the difference between education and ignorance, between health and disease, between dreams and nightmares. Give any one person an opportunity and the possibilities are endless. Our society as a whole only gets stronger with every individual’s involvement and participation.”