In the last several years, Lionakis has invested in LEAN thinking, developing expertise in LEAN methodologies for leading our healthcare clients to buildings that better support their individual processes.

We recently hosted, in conjunction with LEAN Healthcare West, a multi-national group of colleagues to discuss LEAN principles as they apply to the design and construction of healthcare facilities. The group explored the importance of LEAN as it applies to the delivery of healthcare, value stream mapping, A3 problem solving, the concepts of eliminating waste and uninterrupted flow as well as many other LEAN concepts relevant to healthcare.

Lionakis recently completed LEAN workshops for Stanford Hospital and Clinics resulting in new operational models that streamline patient care. Multi-disciplinary teams worked together in the development of operational processes and the space required in supporting these processes. Utilizing the LEAN concepts of direct observation, value stream mapping, spaghetti diagrams and others, the team developed operational models and space layouts that aligned with the redefined process, resulting in increased efficiency and improved patient experience. Let Lionakis help you become LEAN in 2015!