The Lionakis Foundation was established in 2009 as a charitable organization dedicated to philanthropy, giving back financial support, and volunteerism to promote a better future for the communities in which we all live and work. The charitable organizations we give back to are held close to our employees’ hearts and are nominated and funded by them. Lionakis hosted a lunch & learn where 916 Ink (one of this year’s first-time recipients of charitable giving from the Lionakis Foundation) shared its mission to empower youth through creative writing. With workshops hosted across Sacramento year-round, they utilize their unique methods for facilitating writing to show young people (our communities’ future) that a writer is someone who writes.

When youth walk into their first 916 Ink workshop, they are often apprehensive about the process and what it might entail. Wordslingers (916 Ink’s workshop leaders) are quick to begin breaking down preconceptions that traditional schooling instills from a young age. Nothing gets graded. There are no red pens. The only thing shared is positive feedback about their writing, like what you enjoyed about a piece and what will stay with you even after you leave. Everyone in the workshop participates in this same way, fostering a safe space for all to share. After 12 weeks of responding to prompts, each student selects work they’d like published in a collection of work from the class.

The Imaginarium, 916 Ink's dedicated workshop space was built as an environment to inspire creativity for all youth who enter (pictured above).

916 Ink has published 214 professionally bound books and served 4,589 youth (as of October 2021).


The Lionakis Foundation is ecstatic to have the opportunity to support 916 Ink’s efforts this year with a check for $5,000. As we look back on trying times in the past few years, we hope this contribution will help Sacramento youth (and potentially some future architects) find their voice.

If you’re interested in supporting 916 Ink or signing your child up for a workshop please visit their website at