This multi-layered tourism office project involved the Lionakis Interiors team in space planning, interior design, furniture selection and coordination, artwork selection, signage and so much more. Efficient overhead lighting is installed on the high ceilings, where the duct work is left purposely exposed in some areas. Hanging pendant lights provide softer and focused light in casual seating areas. The dark hardwood flooring grounds the space while the vibrant artwork depicting the wonders of the state keep the viewer’s eye active and moving about the space. Floor to ceiling glass “walls” create a flow through the workspaces, while still allowing for sound privacy in conference areas. Natural textures like sisal, leather and wood provide seating and embellishment that’s both welcoming and full of signature west coast style.

For this worldwide music, media and television brand it was paramount that their large boardroom remained within arms reach of the large break room area for flexibility and to ensure space and crowd control for public functions. An open-air concept and a mix of small and large collaboration spaces were created. The company’s anticipated growth fueled much of the design process and primary workstations were supplemented by alternate work areas, private rooms, group meeting areas etc. to make sure that the new growth could be successfully accommodated.

StudentsFirst is a grassroots organization that relocated from Washington DC to Sacramento. Dedicated to transforming public education, this meant that their new workspace had to be dynamic and inspirational. Our Interiors team quickly realized that traditional offices were not in store for this group and open workspace concepts needed to reflect their results-driven approach. With smaller collaborative spaces that are both private and impromptu, it is modern, cheerful and accessible.

High profile and high style abound in this commercial real estate office. Formally known as JLL this 6,800 square feet of new office space is perched high atop the nation’s capital in Sacramento, California. Our Interiors team designed a bold but clean, red, white and black palette with subtle grey marbling in the flooring. The crisp lines and modern seating provide ample opportunity to meet, greet or even relax. Glass walls keep the views perpetual and the mood lighting is unobtrusively recessed.  Close to ceiling lighting provides electrical elegance when needed.

With views of the State Capital below, this commercial real estate office softened the walls of its formal meeting space by installing banked seating loungers with tufted seat backs. Enhanced by a similar pattern in the soft floor covering (which also provides noise control) any harsh lines or long angles are brought into balance. Rollaway conference chairs with comfortable padding have views of either the outside, the glass conference room wall or the rust-colored focal wall with a black and white photography feature. Lighting is strategically placed higher than dining room height to make room for standing conversations and plenty of headroom to review paperwork, floor plans or building models in progress. A plethora of natural light floods the office space and contrasting floor patterns delineate areas in subtle, but intentional ways. The rust accent color appears throughout the environment and continues the successful and modern palette, without being overbearing.

At 11,000 square feet, Lioankis had a unique opportunity to directly influence their own work environment. From a wish list of design ideas and architectural features, Lionakis went for an open, collaborative and creative space where all employees could work comfortably and differently. There are a variety of workstations including break-out areas, low-walled cubicles, a large conference room and even a kitchen. Sustainable design features include extensive day-lighting, eco-conscious bamboo flooring, low VOC’s and a high level of recycled content was used in many of the specified materials.

The Lionakis Newport Beach office supports the firm’s growth and flexibility while serving as a literal showcase space – encouraging clients to imagine the possibilities when envisioning their own offices. For more on Lionakis commercial projects, click here.