Making the Most of Mentorship at Lionakis

When hiring new employees at Lionakis, one of the company goals is to provide a seamless and welcoming experience. While job “training” tends to focus on formal learning with well-defined goals to meet, mentoring is more of an informal relationship, but it can also be seen as an additional layer of training.  Not only do mentors provide guidance and support in the workplace, but they also offer wisdom, experience, and knowledge.

We Rise by Lifting Others

Lionakis understands the importance of workplace mentoring and mentoring programs. Lionakis’ mission statement and value service offering focuses on Designing a Better Future. To live up to these values, Lionakis understands you must invest in and support your employees with multifaceted resources that help facilitate a great work environment. A great work environment leads to long term success within the firm and the clients we serve.

Need a Buddy?

Lionakis offers a buddy program for all new hires. The role of the Lionakis Buddy is to serve as a knowledgeable peer resource that a new employee can reach out to for general questions and information during their initial weeks of employment. Usually your buddy is someone that the new hire will work with day-to-day in the same department. This relationship provides the new person with a go-to staff member who is familiar with the work environment and helps to provide an ease of introduction to other current employees as well as provide basic guidance and direction.

Advise. Teach. Grow. 

The Lionakis Emerging Professionals (EP) program gives employees the opportunity to learn from a variety of Associate Principals and Principal level leadership. These monthly sessions involve everything from developing and improving employees’ skills, sharing project case studies and lessons learned and a chance to get advice, learn from and work with high-level and experienced staff.

Investing in You

Lionakis invests in the growth of all their employees through various initiatives. We strive to provide in-depth learning and interaction from the inside-out. From one-on-one to group meetings, there’s an avenue just for you to learn in the best way you can. If you are interested in finding out more about a firm that offers workplace mentoring, we are always looking for more great people to join the Lionakis team. Find out more about what we’re looking for right here.