With the unique opportunity to influence our own work environment, the design process for Lionakis’ Newport Beach office began as a “wish list” of design ideas and architectural features, rooted in a desire for an open, collaborative and creative space where we could work differently. In collaboration with our local staff, the design team took these ideas and developed a unique, fun office space featuring a wine bar, an open kitchen and flexible team spaces that can also serve as hotel stations. The vision was for a “case study” space that could showcase products, technology and different ways to work for the firm’s tenant improvement clients.

In addition to the varied and collaborative layouts that serve as examples of how to work differently, the office has been awarded LEED Silver. The finished design incorporates sustainable features, including day lighting, eco-conscious bamboo flooring, re-use of furniture, low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and a high level of recycled content in many of the specified materials.

Our Newport Beach office now supports the firm’s growth, flexibility and collaboration, while serving as a showcase space for both the firm and the building owner, encouraging clients and prospective tenants to imagine the possibilities when envisioning their own offices.