Following on the heels of the recently completed Monroe Jail Facility expansion and renovation, Lionakis has been serving Yolo County with the construction of the new Leinberger Detention Facility.  Lionakis has worked with Yolo County for several years and provided master planning of multiple projects on the same campus including the Juvenile Hall and subsequent expansion, site infrastructure, the Monroe Jail Expansion, and this project, the Leinberger Detention Facility. Lionakis was instrumental in assisting the County in obtaining SB81, AB900, and SB863 funding and implementing the master plan. In an interview with Principal-in-Charge, Maynard Feist below, he provides information on the project including the unique design opportunities this facility has offered the team as well as details on the ongoing construction progress:

Tell us a brief background on this project?

Currently under construction, this new Design-Bid-Build project is a replacement of an existing antiquated and unsafe Minimum-Security facility. The previous facility operated far beyond its intended life cycle and no longer of adequate construction and wasn’t designed to house the current inmate population.  The new 34,000 SF facility provides for 150 beds, alternatives to incarceration, lobby and public visiting, housing support and multiple programs, central control, administration, staff support spaces, a medical clinic, and building support spaces.

The primary goal is to provide a safe and secure facility, in a non-threatening and more normative setting which supports the operational requirements of the Yolo County Sheriff’s Department. The new facility will primarily house sentenced inmates with an emphasis on programming, training, job placement, and re-entry.

Local general contractor Broward Builders, Inc. has been successful in working with the County on all the projects on this government campus except for the original Monroe Jail. There is a long-term working relationship with Broward Builders, Yolo County, and Lionakis which reflects the partnership required to make these projects a success.

What key design opportunities or unique design elements did we incorporate into this project?

The housing units are dormitory-style with large, open dayrooms supporting an opportunity to allow movement and various special support areas.

The facility will downplay the institutional setting, provide an abundance of natural light, emphasis on colors and finishes, and incorporate acoustical treatment.

Since this will operate primarily as a re-entry facility, several large program rooms are provided to educate, train, and provide detainees with tools necessary for re-entry and to reduce recidivism.

The new facility will provide the much-needed staff support spaces on campus including lockers, a break area, and training.

The administration area will provide staff the space needed to support the successful Alternatives to Incarceration programs.

Tell us in detail about what is currently happening in construction. Anything interesting?

Currently, all demolition, major site utilities, foundations, and slabs are complete. The project is just starting to set all of the frames in preparation for the CMU wall construction.

When is the project estimated to be completed?

The facility is estimated to be complete in Fall of 2022.