Lionakis’ intrepid crew has been working evenings and weekends to bring our ambitious project to completion. Our theme this year is “Play Music” so, naturally, we have a piano involved in our design among many other elements!
Our original sculpture structure came from CRC, where students had built it for a design competition. It had been sitting at the school for a while, then they donated it to us for our Parking Day adventures.

Lionakis teamed with Clark-Sullivan Construction for this year’s (Park)ing Day. In the past couple weeks, they helped with delivery and stability of the structure, as well as building onto it according to our design. They worked so hard for hours in the heat! Then, the creativity could really start. Our crew has been busy brainstorming, painting, building and bringing our concept to life…

Parking Day is this Friday, September 16, on 9th Street, between J and K from 9am-7pm. Come check out our final space and support the event!