“Town to Trail” is the interior design concept for this Lava Ridge Building 1 AMRS Remodel which represents the idea of creating a community space that facilitates interaction and togetherness, as well as providing serene passageways to promote recovery and rehabilitation. Inspired by the surrounding area of the City of Roseville, the design provides connections to the outdoors using materials and daylighting solutions, while creating opportunities for people to meet, interact and engage with one another in a community type setting.

The interior finishes and patterns create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere to help diminish stress and anxiety, along with enhancing the experience and providing a strong sense of way finding for patients, staff and guests as they meander through the waiting area, group therapy rooms and offices.

Unique design concepts include:

Entry Interior

Upon entering the building, guests are greeted by two low walls that flank either side of the entry, and a wood ceiling helps “lead” into the space.


The check-in station has a prominent location upon entering the waiting area and the reception layout provides visual privacy during registration. The combination of decorative glass, plastic laminate, 3form and solid surface at the face of the reception station and the decorative three-dimensional wall panel behind, provides visual interest and an impactful design statement.


The main corridors are highlighted with pops of color throughout, with a neutral palette backdrop. The use of floor patterns at key intersections illuminates areas of decision-making and promotes easier way-finding.

Work Spaces

Splashes of color keep the environment light and upbeat in the staff spaces. Proper lighting, motorized height adjustable workstations, fully adjustable task chairs and ergonomics provide an enhanced and productive work environment.

 Clinical Encounters

The incorporation of resin panels with large scale numbers at room entrances provides another layer of signage and assists in easily identifying rooms. Due to the high traffic use of these spaces, the use of resilient flooring and easy clean fabrics on the seating is also used.

The new photos of the space (see the gallery below) highlight the many design features of the space, welcoming patients and visitors inside with the “Town to Trail” concept brought to life.