Caltech Broad Center for the Biological Sciences Lab Renovation

Lionakis teamed up with general contractor Wesely Thomas once more to tackle the renovation of two laboratory areas on the first and third floors of the Broad Center at Caltech. This design-build team has successfully completed several similar lab renovations at the west coast’s premiere institution of higher science education over the past few years. In keeping with Caltech’s typical delivery method, the Lionakis / Wesely-Thomas team were the successful low bidders based on preliminary plans developed by the Institute.

The project required the team to create renovated lab spaces for two Principal Investigators in the Division of Biology and Biological Engineering at Caltech, Professor David Van Valen, and Professor Kaihang Wang. The labs occupy portions of two different floors in the building and include open labs, tissue culture rooms, microscopy rooms, and other lab support functions as well as office and conference room renovations.

The relocation of the two labs was critical in the Institute’s consolidation plans to allow for demolition of older building stock in preparation for a new science building on the campus.

In all, approximately 3,600 square feet were renovated, with the laboratory casework carefully tailored to the two professors’ requirements. As part of the design-build team, Lionakis worked closely with sub-contractors and general contractor as well as with the sub-consultant engineering team and the Institute’s other stakeholders.