Elk Grove Behavioral Health

Lionakis provided professional services to renovate and expand this 16,115 square foot behavioral health facility to meet the clients’ standards. “Proud Heritage. Bright Future” is the interior design concept for this project which represents the idea of merging elements from the past and infusing modern and cheerful design to create a community space that facilitates interaction and togetherness as well as providing a serene environment that promotes recovery and rehabilitation.

Inspired by Elk Grove’s rich past, Lionakis incorporated rustic finishes throughout the waiting room. The design provides connections to the outdoors through patterns and wall graphics while creating opportunities for members to meet, interact and engage with one another in a community type setting. The interior finishes and patterns were selected to create a harmonious and tranquil atmosphere to help diminish stress and anxiety along with enhancing the member experience and providing a strong sense of way finding for members, staff and guests as they meander through the waiting area, group therapy rooms and offices.