Warren E. Thorton Youth Detention Facility

Warren E. Thornton Youth Center provides quicker placement of youths into a rehabilitation program. This project added approximately 27,900 square feet, increasing the resident population from 50 beds to 110 beds. The facility, which is one of only two such centers in the County, includes housing units, classroom space, a healthcare clinic, mental health offices, administration offices, staff facilities, a new kitchen, dining, visiting, laundry, gymnasium and a renovation of the existing housing and classrooms. The operational and program requirements established during the pre-design phase emphasize staff efficiency, a more normalized and non-threatening setting, minimizing ward movement, durability and support services.

2004, Excellence in Structural Engineering – Best Use of Conventional Technologies in New Construction, Structural Engineers Association of Central California (SEAOCC)
2006, AIA Committee on Architecture for Justice Award

in association with The Design Partnership