About two dozen intrepid and eager Lionakis Volunteers & Friends/Family spent last Saturday morning helping out at the River City Food Bank. The task? Sort, organize, and set up a month’s worth of food for the River City Food Bank to distribute to 5,000 folks in December! Each year, volunteers provide more than 18,500 hours to the food bank and local Sacramento community.

After a brief orientation from Executive Director Eileen Thomas, we formed into teams to bag oats, bag dog food, sort and bag carrots and potatoes, and go through about four dozen boxes of canned food. We are humbled to be able to spend time at the end of the year helping one of our local food banks, and giving back to those in need this time of year.
Check out the River City Food Bank’s website here to find out how you can donate your time to help make a difference in our community: http://rivercityfoodbank.org/