The world is experiencing a string of unprecedented events that require many of us to find new ways to cope with stress and unwind. Whether it be camping, biking, running, sketching, video games, knitting, or gardening, we all have something that allows us to re-center. This design competition is looking for the architectural embodiment of a space that allows you to retreat into your stress relieving element. This might take the form of a small gardeners cottage with potting benches, expansive windows with shelves for plants, and a Dolby 7.1 surround sound theater. However you imagine your architectural retreat, we want to see it take form. Your design should aim to be a personal retreat, rather than a fully formed dwelling.

Does your retreat have a place for your hobbies? Do you value nature in your retreat? Is it a place of solitude, or companionship? Does your retreat disappear you into new worlds? Your retreat is not limited to the backyard, as long as the context and design speaks to the nature of your individual submission. Let your imagination flow, and let the language of architecture express your ideals.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Design cannot exceed a 500 sf footprint.  Any outdoor features must be captured within that square footage.
  • Submissions shall include (1) floorplan, and (1) 3D visualization at a minimum.
  • You may include up to a 500 word narrative describing your design on the submission.
  • Submissions shall be made on a 11”x17” PDF (5MB max).
  • There is no limit to the media used to create the design. Computer generated and hand drawn submissions are welcome.
  • Give your submission a title, which should be included on the PDF.
  • No identifying information should be included on the PDF
  • Design must be original (not based on copyrighted material).

Entrants must be a student currently enrolled or 2020 graduate of an architecture or design program.

Prize: Winner will receive $1,500

Due Date: September 30th, 2020

If you have any questions regarding the submission criteria, please email:

Email your submissions to no later than midnight on the date listed above.

Good luck!