Sylvan Middle School construction is coming along quite nicely in preparation for student’s first day back in late August. Graphics Studio was once again able to join the Education Studio on another walk through to see the school and its designs finally come together!

The re-imagined Sylvan Middle School has a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) focus. The new buildings, and our mural designs, bring the STEAM program to life; a student maker lab, art lab and music space anchor the outdoor STEAM learning environment, where outdoor learning blends seamlessly with interior spaces including a green screen video and soundboard multimedia room, media center incorporated into the library, brand new computer labs, 3D printer labs, classrooms incorporating natural and sustainable daylight lighting design, flat screen tv’s, movable furniture, and wall-to-wall white boards.

With a fantastic design in place, state of the art technology, and access to sustainable materials and resources, these middle schoolers are pretty lucky to have endless possibilities at their fingertips and will be able to accomplish so much during their time spent on this campus and take that knowledge with them into their future education and careers.

This campus is not only the start of a new era of design and sustainability standards in education, it’s the start of a new generation of kids that will grow up with access to incredible technology, as a given, at such a young age.