George C. Sellon, California’s first state architect and founder of Lionakis, was born February 9, 1881. Sellon’s passion for architecture began at an early age; during his grammar school days, he would often attend ground breaking ceremonies around his San Francisco neighborhood. In 1906, Sellon and a team of architectural and structural professionals were asked to help re-build San Francisco after the disastrous earthquake had demolished most of the city’s downtown area. California political officials soon decided to establish a state architect and Sellon was elected. After serving a two-year term, Sellon relocated to Sacramento and began his private practice in 1909. Sellon was an active member of the AIA, and went on to design many historic buildings including the 926 J Building which was the first sky scraper and later became Sellon’s office. After 50 years of architectural experience, Sellon extended his firm to partner Whitson W. Cox in 1954; that same year, Sellon passed away at the age of 73. Cox went on to promote J.R. Liske as a full partner and bring on George Lionakis and Klyne Beaumont as Associates.