As the 1960’s came to a close, the firm continued to build its legacy in Northern California. The years from 1968-1986 represented both a time of transition and of continued growth in prominence for the firm. With George Lionakis and Klyne Beaumont as full partners, the firm rebranded to Cox, Liske, Lionakis and Beaumont and began to take on a larger volume and scale of projects. The firm brought on what would become long term clients and designed award-winning projects for the Department of Defense, Sacramento County, the United States Postal Service, Los Rios Community College District and Chico State University. The firm still works with many of these clients today.

As the country celebrated its bicentennial and 1976 came to close, Whit Cox transitioned into retirement while maintaining a small consulting practice on the side. A few years later he would go on to become the firm’s second partner to serve as California State Architect. In fact, Lionakis is still the only firm to have two former partners serve as State Architect. With the retirement of Whit, Howard Engberg was brought on as a full partner and the firm became Liske, Lionakis, Beaumont & Engberg. Howard was the firm’s first employee after Whit Cox and JR Liske took over the firm after George Sellon passed away in 1954 and he was a key leader in helping the firm develop its reputation for quality drawings.

As the firm moved into the 1980’s it changed its address once again, this time to 401 Watt in Sacramento. The firm also began to truly leverage and win awards with its newest service line, Interior Design, which had been added in the late 1970’s. As the firm continued to move forward, it suffered a loss when JR Liske passed away in 1981. The firm would continue under the name of Liske, Lionakis, Beaumont & Engberg until 1986 when it would rebrand once again.

In the picture you can see a copy of George Lionakis’ business card when the firm moved to the Watt Avenue.  Also shown (2nd from top in the upper left hand corner) is a picture of Klyne Beaumont, George Lionakis and Howard Engberg. The other images are of employees in the office off Fullerton Court right before the company moved to Watt, the company’s relocation flyer, and a model of the Sacramento County Administration Building.

*Note – The 28 on the relocation flyer signifies 28 years of business since Whit Cox and JR Liske took over the firm from George Sellon. Before taking the firm over, Cox was a partner for about 1 year with Sellon and prior to that JR Liske and Cox were Sellon’s only two employees towards the end of his tenure.  It was not until Cox had retired and Liske had passed that the firm started acknowledging our full history back to Sellon in terms of firm longevity.