The time period from 1987 to 2003 was probably one of the largest times of growth in company history. The firm grew from a company of around 30-40 people to a firm of close to 140-150 people. The firm started this time period by changing the name to Lionakis Beaumont Design Group to emphasize a renewed focus on design as part of the firm’s identity. Josh Reyneveld, Bruce Starkweather and Tim Fry all joined the firm around this time as well, each becoming partners over the next six years and laying the foundation for the next generation in the firm. As the 1980’s came to a close, both George Lionakis and Klyne Beaumont retired and the firm moved to the R Street Corridor in Midtown Sacramento. Pioneering what is now a fast growing area by redesigning an old glass warehouse into a design studio, the firm opened up shop in what is now its current corporate headquarters.

With a renewed emphasis on design, the firm began to win many prominent design awards for projects such as Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento, the Sacramento SPCA Building, the Auburn Library Garden Theater, the Sacramento Water Intake Structure, the Pacific Bell Fairfield Data Center and many other iconic projects in Northern California.

As the firm grew up, they rebranded again and began to move away from the partnership model that had been the basis of the firm since Whit Cox partnered with George Sellon. In 1995 Josh left the firm to pursue other endeavors and over the next few years Bruce and Tim evolved the company into a corporation. As the company became a corporation, they brought on other key partners over the next five years to help grow and diversify the firm. Also during this time, the firm began to build expertise-based studios centered on what have become our core markets and services. By the end of 2003 the firm was the largest design firm in Sacramento and had grown to a corporation with seven shareholders, multiple specialty markets and services and a great design reputation.

Pictured are retirement party flyers for Klyne Beaumont and George Lionakis, the last namesakes of the firm. Also shown is a photo of Bruce, Tim and Josh on their bikes at the new location in Midtown along with the original moving flyer and a picture of the groundbreaking for the award-winning Pacific Bell Fairfield Data Center. Lastly there is an image of the firm’s rebranded logo and first advertisement after Bruce and Tim brought on their new partners.