The time from 2004 until present has been a time of growth throughout California and into Hawaii. Between 2004 and 2008 Lionakis opened up multiple offices, with key ones taking permanent root in San Francisco, Newport Beach and Hawaii. Looking to expand our Education and Healthcare practices to Southern California, Lionakis acquired a small firm in Orange County. In the years since, the firm has grown that investment into what is now our Newport Beach Office, offering all our key markets and services in Southern California. Around the same time and looking to expand upon an existing partnership on a large AT&T contract, Lionakis also acquired a firm in San Francisco. This office quickly evolved to provide Healthcare design services and has grown over the years to offer design services for all our major markets. Our youngest office came about when Kaiser Permanente asked Lionakis to take over a project on their campus on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. What started out as two people in a job site trailer working on one project has grown into a full office in downtown Honolulu, offering design services for all of our markets and services. All of these developments have helped Lionakis become a much more regionally diverse firm, allowing us to deliver our services to clients throughout the states of California and Hawaii.
As 2009 came around, the firm was ready to evolve one more time. 2009 represented the firm’s centennial anniversary, making us the oldest architecture firm headquartered in California. As we celebrated our rich 100 year history, the firm also had its eye on the future. Looking to grow the firm brand into something that could stand on par with any other firm designing projects anywhere, while maintaining the key aspects of what had always made us great, the firm embarked on its last rebranding effort. Out of the process, the firm solidified our core position into the three core principles that throughout the years have made us great (Relationships, Performance, and Design). The firm also shortened its name to just Lionakis and began using the logo you now see today. By 2012 the firm had also taken on a new 15 year vision focused on leveraging our core principles to truly allow us to “Design a Better Future” for an ever growing client base.
This time frame has not only represented a new approach to regional growth, a new vision and a new brand; it also has represented an evolution in our design. Lionakis has grown our design footprint from our well-established Northern California reputation, bringing our award winning work to all of California and Hawaii. We continue to push the envelopes of creativity, sustainability and project delivery to help deliver solutions that truly make a positive difference for our clients and their end-users. If you look through our portfolio you’ll see great projects in all our markets sprinkled throughout the states in which we operate.
As we look toward the future, our vision has us taking the foundation originally laid by our founder, George Sellon, even further. We are positioned to “Design a Better Future” with our project and community partners for many years to come.