To follow up on our grads of 2020 post last week, this week we’re throwing it way back to the past! Some of our Lionakis team members had a little fun digging into their photo albums to pull out some graduation photo memory gems to share with us. From casual senior portraits in high school, to formal cap and gown events, can you guess which Lionakis employee is who in our photo gallery below?

(p.s. there’s a cheat sheet below)


Cheat Sheet:

1.  Alexis Julien, Business Development Assistant

2. Amanda Leggett, Project Coordinator (Education)

3. Breana Padilla, Designer I (Education)

4. Carole Wenell, Marketing Manager

5. Dana Willoughby, Contracts Administrator

6. Janelle Winslow,  Facilities Manager

7. Jennifer Bertram, Administrative Resources Manager

8. Danielle Smith, Senior Structural Engineer

9. Bianca Dyke, Interior Designer II

10. Christina Middleton, Senior Project Coordinator

8. Jonathan McMurtry, Associate Principal (Education)

9. Mary Morris, Associate Principal (Education)

10. Megan Morgan, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

11. Nicholas Pauli, Engineer II

12. Philip Pipal, Senior Associate, Lab Planner (Science & Technology)

13. Danielle Smith, Structural Project Manager

14. Bianca Dyke, Interior Designer II

15. Christina Middleton, Senior Project Coordinator

16. Taylor Hall, Marketing Coordinator