On December 14th, the annual tradition of the Lionakis Town Hall took place at Beatnik Studios in midtown Sacramento. The entire staff, of all five offices gathered together to celebrate the very best of the firm’s achievements this past year, get creative and recognize one of our retiring Principals, Dave Younger. The theme was Beatnik and everyone was encouraged to dress and act the part – so attendees were a sea of black, white and striped all over with some red berets thrown in for good measure. With thanks to photographer Joan Cusick who documented our entire day.

Each studio in Healthcare, Education, Civic and Interiors presented their major projects for the year and recognized team members. In between studio presentations, each table did creative activities such as drawing a cartoon selfie and adding it to the wall installation. A video round up of this year’s firm events and highlights had us all reminiscing. There was even a dominos video competition! A special lunchtime entertainment live dance show was choreographed and performed by our talented Interiors studio and we were all surprised and thrilled to see a live enactment from West Side Story right before our eyes.

A special presentation for Dave Younger brought out a few tears (of laughter and sadness) as we recognized his more than 30 years of service to our firm and community. As a mentor and friend to all at Lionakis and beyond, we will miss him dearly and wish him only the very best in his retirement.

Absolutely delicious food and drink was served from the moment we stepped inside after our huge all staff photo taken outside. Mimosa’s and Bellini’s accompanied our healthy late morning breakfast options and the lunchtime feast of salad, stuffed chicken, grilled seasonal vegetables and prime rib was outstanding. After the domino competition, the dessert bar opened and even if you were full, you had to try one of the fabulous treats.

All in all, the 2017 Town Hall was a fantastic launch into the holiday spirit and a celebration of our culture of teamwork and recognition which we are all so grateful to be a part of. Our graphics team even compiled this employee personal creativity video to showcase all the amazing skill and talent we cumulatively bring to the table. As we come closer to the end of 2017 it was a great way to round up our year as we prepare to meet 2018. Cheers!